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7 Tips to Make Christmas 2020 More Festive & Joyful

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29th November 2020
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The reality is that many of us are feeling a bit meh about Christmas this year. It just feels a bit odd. A bit wrong. Some people can just crack on and get their festive cheer up and running, but for others it seems like it just isn’t christmassy enough… the natural excitement is just no where to be found.

So How Can We Feel More in the Christmas Spirit During COVID?

1. Do Christmas the Way YOU Want

First and foremost, please know that this is is YOUR Christmas. Don’t feel like you have to do things for people this year, it’s ok to think what’s best for you. Ask yourself the question, “what do I need to make this special?” and then do that. It might be a huge tree, or a small twinkly one. It could be staying in your pjs on Christmas Day or having pizza instead of turkey. Whatever it is, make it your Christmas and enjoy letting go of any one else’s obligations and expectations. You only have to make you happy this year. So relax sweetheart, there are no “shoulds” for Christmas 2020.


2. Make Your Own Christmas Traditions and Feed Your Fairy

Think about the most important little bits, or something you have always wanted to do with your partner, or your kids, for example. Or something you have always thought looked lovely as a child and never tried it.


This could be all about you. What would your fairy love this Christmas (what would make your heart vibrate or make your should expand)? Maybe it could be a Christmas Eve Box filled with beautiful hot chocolate, new pjs, fluffy socks and a gorgeous book. Or maybe you always wanted to watch a specific movie – could be something utterly girly and romcom-esque – whilst eating warm minced pies and mulled wine.


Whatever it is, it should be something YOU would just love. Even if you’re not doing everything you used to, you can create a beautiful Christmas with new traditions that are full of peace and joy and things that you love.


3. Spread Some Joy and Love

If we’ve learned anything this year it’s that how important the people in our lives mean to us. So the is the perfect opportunity to let them know. Write down how much the people you love mean to you and send it out to them, or send them a beautiful and thoughtful letter with their Christmas card. Make Christmas cookies and leave some with your friends and neighbours—or drop off pizza or other treats at a local nursing home, hospital, or fire station to brighten the lives of the people there.


4. Realise That Different Might Mean More Special

Quite often Christmas holidays can blend together and we’re often asking, “what year was it when…?”. This is not going to happen this year. We will all remember it and being so different can often make for the most beautiful memories. This year will stand out on its own and we just have to find a way to make the most of it.


5. Remember that Singing Is Good For The Soul

Does anyone in your house play the piano that can learn some Christmas tunes? Or do you have a karaoke machine that can play some carols? However you do it, why not have a sing song? Go old school and sing your favourite songs that you sang as a child. Make this the year where you sing out loud (at the top of your voice), dance around the tree, have


6. Have North Pole Breakfasts

A North Pole Breakfast traditionally marks the start of your Christmas Festivities; this could be 1st December (to coincide with the first door of an advent calendar and/or a visit from Elf on the Shelf) or your first Christmas weekend when you decide to put up a tree, decorate the house and make a real weekend of it. Or you could simply have one on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day if you’ve got a busy work schedule in the run up to Christmas.

Click HERE  are some ideas for your North Pole Breakfasts from GoodtoKnow.


7. Host A Virtual Christmas Party

Just because you can’t get together in person doesn’t mean you can’t see your friends and family on Christmas. Send everyone a Zoom link and host your party online. Make sure you’ve got a few games and conversation starters ready too.


Whatever happens this Christmas, it will be one to remember. Remember that we can choose our emotions and how we react to things, so choose how you want to make this festive season special for you.


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