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Be Flawsome (And Love It!)

24th February 2019
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Yesterday was one of our Sassy Ever After LIVE! events and I was talking about the concept of FLAWSOME which I have to admit is something I really LOVE! To be flawsome basically means that you understand that you’re flawed, but awesome.

Say what?

So we are all flawed. Seriously. There is no woman on the planet that is a perfect human being. No one has had a perfect past. We have all made mistakes, we have all hurt people (deliberately or otherwise), and we have just done things we’re not proud of or reacted in ways that we are ashamed of.

But that’s ok. It truly is. All of that – even the worst mistakes – make you who you are today. And you will make more mistakes and that’s ok too. We are imperfectly perfect. We are flawed but awesome.

Are you sure?

Yup! the most amazing humans I know have not had the easiest pasts. The most beautiful women in my life still make mistakes but have learned to say sorry (as have I).

The point is that we accept who we are – quirks and all! That we understand that perfect is not where it’s at. Self acceptance and self worth are the secrets to happiness and are the antidote to depression, anxiety and self consciousness.

How can I learn to accept myself as flawsome?

Start by forgiving yourself. Forgive all the past errors, decisions, mistakes and faux pas. Look in the mirror, put your hand on your heart and say “I forgive you” and mean it. If it doesn’t feel true, do it again.

Knock comparatitus on its head for good. Comparatitus is a disease that I invented that talks about the detrimental effects of comparing yourself to others. It steals all your happiness. Click HERE to read a blog post on this subject.

Or here is a video that I did on this topic

Hang out with positive people. Seriously, it’s a thing. Ditch the mood hoovers and the negative nellies. Hanging out with people that don’t criticise themselves (and others) will make you less likely to fall into the trap too and disappear down the rabbit hole of worrying about yourself.

And above all

Know that one of the best secrets to accepting yourself as flawsome is to be practice humility. Not that you need to think less about yourself but to think about yourself less.


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