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Calm Vs HeadSpace Guided Meditation Apps

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17th January 2019
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Guided meditation apps I find very useful to help me stay on track with my meditation, but they are also really great for beginners to get into this beautiful, self-soothing, habit.


Headspace is one of the most popular meditation apps. It’s been downloaded and installed by millions of meditators.

For me, Headspace is one of the best ways to develop a habit of meditating. It encourages you and keeps you on track to meditate every day in order to develop a habit. It’s a no-nonsense, simple, habit-building, easy-to-use app that you can download so easily to your phone.

The voice of Headspace has a soothing Australian accent.

Click HERE to go to the app info.


Calm is also one of my faves.

When you download and install the free version of Calm you will gain access to a number of guided meditations, and you can unlock more guided meditations by signing up to a monthly subscription.

The thing I like the very most about Calm is that it looks gorgeous. Really. The design is just beautiful.

And as a last note the voice of Calm has an American accent.

Click HERE to go to the app info.

A last note: Easing stress through meditation may help turn down  mood swings,  anxiety or irritability and well as many other amazing benefits. To read my blog on perminopause, it’s symptoms and how you can help yourself, click HERE