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Done is Better Than Perfect

4th November 2020
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I’m so not perfect

What I know for sure is that I would love everyone to think that I’m perfect. Or at least the old me would. What I know now is that I’m not. I truly am not. I’m a hot mess, super woman, the world’s greatest mum, a great coach, the world’s most rubbish mum, a fun friend, a domestic goddess, a squirrel brain, a hopeless organiser, a fab cook, a useless navigator, and so much more all rolled into one.

And that’s ok. It’s ok to be a contradiction, an oddball, a less-than-perfect person.

So if we can accept that we’re flawsome (Flawed But Awesome) and not a perfect human, can we extend that further too?

Work can be Flawsome too…

What I know about work is that done is better than perfect too. There are times when I’ve tied myself up in knots or burned the proverbial candle at both ends to do something and then had a rubbish day due to lack of sleep or no food.

Another point is that what we can spend extra time and hours doing, might not even touch the radar of someone else. My favourite humans on the planet are the ones that do what they say they are going to do – but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to be perfect and every piece of work has to be in it’s most polished, finished form.

Now I’m not saying, hand in second-rate work, but if I promise you an email about a project we’ve got coming up, I would rather send you a bullet pointed list of my ideas than to leave you hanging around waiting for me. Does that make sense? It’s not about doing things wrongly, it just sometimes has to be summarised or not fully fleshed out yet.

I might want to post something profound on social media but I have 1 minute – I’d rather entertain with a photo of my cat being silly than not put anything at all.


And here’s the thing

Would you rather I send a “Motivation Monday” email out on a Wednesday or not at all? Is it better to put the dishwasher on in the morning when you’re feeling ok or do it at night feel really resentful and grumpy? There is a time to do things perfectly, a time to do things well, a time to do things in the right mood, and a time to just get things done. You get to choose which one is the best fit for the job and the circumstances.


And here is the beauty

When you can accept that you’re not perfect and don’t have to be, you give other people permission too. They can write back in shorthand, or bullet point answers, or even get things wrong. But because you’ve stopped telling yourself the perfection story, you don’t need them to adhere to those standards either. And that’s freeing, it truly is. Being disappointed in yourself and others is such hard work and takes more energy than needed.

Go more kindly on yourself and others and bless & release unrealistic expectations and it will seem much simpler and easier.


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What comes next?

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