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How To Feel Happier As a Woman: Feed Your Fairy

18th August 2018
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We all want to feel happier as a woman, we want to feel empowered, energised and get our creative juices flowing. My simple answer is to Feed Your Fairy. Let me explain.

Fairies love lightness, colour, and enchanting music. They are the little ethereal-lit beings that live inside of us. Almost like Tinkerbell in the movie ‘Hook’ who dies a little every time someone says that they don’t’ believe in fairies; our own fairies die a little with negativity, negative self-talk, mundane every day stresses, anxiety, worthless emotions, gossip, etc.

Our fairy are the parts of us that bring us joy, make us feel peaceful, alive, energized, happy…and well it’s a part of feeling SASSY too. When our fairies are bright & shining, life seems to get sprinkled with fairy dust, everything seems to be better – food is more delicious, the sunshine more radiant, work more productive, the party becomes more entertaining, etc.

So if we know what is killing our fairy, what makes them alive? Well, first of all, it’s so important to note that feeding our fairy should be a daily thing. We have 1,440 minutes each day – what’s 20 or 30 minutes (or even an hour) to feed our fairies when we know that it’s going make everything else more joyful and enjoyable for us. Seriously, sweetheart, take a few minutes of every day to do this and life becomes so much better?

It really is a personal thing really to see what feeds your own fairy. Mine is fed on playing the piano, laughing with my children, singing in a choir, reading books, meditation, journaling, spending time in my hammock (don’t ask ;)),  being in nature, and listening to classical music (as I’m doing now as I write this – my creative fairy comes alive).

What your fairy likes to feed on, depends on you. What brings you joy? What has brought you joy in your life – even as a little girl? What have you always wanted to try? These things don’t need to cost the earth, they don’t even need to take much time…but do them DAILY and you will see how they will massively boost your positivity, happiness and JOY in just one short week.

Now imagine that you do this every day for a month? WOW, just imagine if you did it every day for a year? How would you feel? What difference would it make in your life? I promise you, it will make your fairy shine bright and sing!!


Here is a quick video that I made that explains a bit more about how to Feed Your Fairy

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Lots of love, Kate xx

I do believe in Fairies