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How To Improve Your Body Confidence: My Top Tips

1st September 2018
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How is your current body confidence? What do you feel when you look at your body in the mirror? Do you actually look at your body in the mirror at all?

Poor body image is something that so many women struggle with, it can almost cripple our confidence and affect how we feel daily – how we look and feel in our clothes, whether or not we date, and even our confidence at work – all because how we feel we “should” look or how we believe that others see us. But where does this “should” come from?

The role of the media in body confidence

The media has a big role in this – which is old news. But it’s the sheer volume of images and exposure that has dramatically increased – especially with us checking into social media so often every single day. Instagram where we see these perfect women in their amazing outfits; Facebook where we are bombarded with adverts and posts about weight loss products, diet pills and more.

Advertising preys on our insecurities too –  making us feel like we need to fix our imperfections – our body shape, size of bum, skin tone, even the amount of hair we have on our bodies.

And somehow, we’re led to believe that being ashamed about our bodies, or not loving our bodies, is a sign of modesty? When actually it can be so damaging to your self esteem and how you truly feel about yourself. Isn’t it time to love the bodies we ACTUALLY have, rather than wanting to have someone else’s or start our lives when we’ve just managed to lose that stone… or two… or three…?

So how can we start to feel better? How can we feel more body confident? To love the body that we’re actually in rather than the one we think we would prefer?

Here are my top tips to improve your body confidence:

Treat your body with respect

Your body has got you where you are today. It’s carried you so far and will do even more for you if you do things back – wonderful nutrition, sleep, enough water, etc. and it will heal and thrive and do what you need – if that makes sense? If we deprive our body from what it needs, how can we expect it to work at its best. Take time and look after yourself.

Touch your body with affection

If you want to love your body more, then touch it more. Get to know it for what it really is, not just in your imagination. When you jump out of the bath or shower, smother yourself in a lovely body cream and give yourself  a bit of a massage. Glowing skin all over goes a long way to looking and feeling great.

Find exercise that you love

We all know that exercise is a certified mood booster. When the happy hormones, it’ll give you an instant lift. Consistency is key so find something that you really love. For me, it’s boxing which makes me feel great and I love going twice a week – it makes me do it for the love of the sport not just for weight loss or the even vaguer “fitness”.

For you it might be Zumba, spinning, running with your dog… but start, my darling girl, and keep on going. It’s so worth it.

Love your imperfections

I have big, but short, legs. Really. Seriously. But I learned to find jeans that make them look longer and leaner and when I put on a pair of heels then – wow! I don’t mean you have to emphasise them or even try try to hide them, but just accept them and make them work for you. Some of what you hate you would be surprised – your partner might just love the most! It might be that little lip between your bum and thigh that drives him wild or the dimples at the back of your knees – ask him, you might just be surprised.

What do you actually love?

Don’t focus on just on the ‘worst’ bits…start with one thing that you love about your body and go from there. For example, if you have great hair then invest in that – make sure you go to the hairdresser regularly and invest in great hair care – turn it into a feature. Or it might be that you’ve got knockout boobs…awesome, then lingerie is the money and time investment for you. If you can just love that one feature and then go from there.

Don’t worry about the invisible bits that no one sees or cares about

You may think that your body is a network of scars or filled all over with lumps and bumps, but others are just not aware of them. Seriously, they just don’t see them.  I interviewed some men recently about this very subject and got answers raining from they love the imperfections to “what imperfection?”. It just shows you…

Consciously follow people on social media with a positive body message

I recently posted in my coaching group about a woman that I follow on social media called Jenna Kutchner. I follow her because she is who she is and is a curvy woman that’s not scared of showing her body exactly the way that she is and celebrates her fuller figure. I just love her.

Stay away from harsh mirrors

Seriously. Just don’t go near them. Find the shops that have horrid mirrors and harsh lighting and just avoid them. The end.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

I have a “Snapp Happy” band that I wear around my wrist. If I start running self-doubting or negative thoughts through my mind, I snap the band and replace the thought with a positive one (FYI Snapp Sassy bands will be available to buy soon at our Live! events, see the bottom of this blog for a link). They are great because it’s a very easy way to ‘snap’ out of negative thoughts and stop a potentially downward spiral. Being positive is not about never having a negative thought – it’s about not letting a negative thought turn into a negative day and then week, etc.

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So what now?

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