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Listen More To Your Intuition…It’s Trying To Tell You Something

8th January 2019
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The weird, squidgy urge. A stab in your tummy. A funny tingle. That little voice in your head. This is your intuition, this is your gut talking to you… Listen more to your intuition, it’s trying to tell you something.

What I know for sure is that my body has a way of telling me when something is up, not with my body itself, but my intuition tells me to realign, to make an adjustment, a kind of warning signal that something isn’t right.

You see there are 3 ways of making decisions or choices in life.

The first one is your head. Rational & sensible decisions based on facts and figures. We sometimes do that but only when presented to us and our emotions aren’t involved.

The second one is we ask our tribe – our friends, our sisters, our mum. They love us and they will tell us what they think is right.

But the last one is our gut, our intuition. That feeling that something isn’t as it should be, a warning ⚠️ system that we’re making a boo boo.

How many times have you looked back and thought “I knew it wasn’t right”? So why don’t we listen, why don’t we trust it more?

It doesn’t lead us wrong… it’s our inbuilt alarm, our lighthouse, our guidance, our maps.

So here are my top 5 reasons to listen to your intuition more:

1. Better Safe Than Sorry

If you’re experiencing an ”off”  feeling about someone or something, the safest route would be to at least acknowledge it. Maybe you’ll decide to go against it anyway, but try not to brush it off without considering why you’re getting that feeling in the first place

2. Maybe It’s Telling You Something You Already Know

For example, you kind of already know you don’t want the job you just interviewed for, but it doesn’t seem right to turn it down. Your intuition will just give you a little push in the direction you should be going anyway— back to job searching.

3. The More You Listen the Stronger It Will Get

Like a muscle, your intuition will become more and more reliable the more use it. You’ll come to understand yourself better and figure out what your feelings mean in a variety of different situations.

4. You May Notice The Same Opportunities Keep Knocking On Your Door

Try to recognise that your intuition is trying to talk to you when same opportunity keeps knocking on my door again and again. When your intuition tries to communicate with you, it may try to get your attention by forcing you to notice little patterns throughout your life. Been wanting to start your own business, but afraid to take the leap of faith? Your intuition may subtly let you notice certain articles or offices to rent to help get your attention.

5. You May Notice Your Thoughts Are Being Pulled In A Certain Direction

Your intuition is usually always there to guide you in the right direction, but sometimes you miss the signs or choose to ignore them. However, if you continue to notice that your brain wanders back to a particular thought, then you might want to slow down and investigate why you’re feeling this way. Pay particular attention to when you feel pulled by something that seems a tad weird or surprising.

What Does an Instinct Feel Like?

Positive and affirming instincts are often accompanied by:

  • A sense of calm in your chest
  • A sense of warmth
  • Ability to breathe more easily
  • Sharp clarity of hearing or vision
  • A wave of goose bumps, tingles or “fluttery” sensations
  • Relaxation in the gut and shoulders

Negative or warning instincts are often accompanied by:

  • Feeling suddenly cold or chilly
  • Pain in your tummy or chest
  • Nausea
  • A sense of being on “high alert”
  • Tiredness or feeling low-energy
  • Headaches

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