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My Fave 9 Things to Ease Boredom in Lockdown

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11th November 2020
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Bored? Aren’t we all?! Lockdown has restricted us, stolen our freedom and, to an extent, our peace of mind. We’re used to being busy and running around, but our hectic schedules are no more, our future plans vague at best, and we are at a loss for things to do.

The good news though is that it’s now acceptable to slow down and live very much in the moment. However, if you’re used to being distracted and occupied for most of the time, this is definitely easier said than done. So, here’s are my fave ways to deal with boredom and fulfil the hours during lockdown whilst you are at home.

1. Take some time to think and reflect.

As adults we are uber busy now, barely standing still. We don’t stop. We relentlessly keep going. Working, balancing, dating, being on social media, pets, parents, kids, hobbies, exercise. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Because of this we don’t have the time to just be. And think. And Reflect. Actually look at our lives and assess what we actually like and what needs to be changed/ditched/upgraded. Use this beautiful time to re-do your vision board (click HERE to see my online vision board workshop), set priorities, re-align with your purpose and much more.

Both reflection and looking to the future are great ways to stay positive during the current situation and, once some form of normality has returned, you’ll be feeling more motivated than ever.

2. Take pleasure in wholesome, old-fashioned activities

Think board games. Think jigsaw puzzles in front of the fir. How about looking through old photo albums for a trip down memory lane and talking about relatives. Or, why not create a playlist for a friend, featuring all the songs that remind you of your time together or your favourite holiday or celebration? A trip down memory lane will make you appreciate the experiences you’ve had and the relationships you still have.

3. Make Music

In the first lockdown I didn’t think there was much more uplifting than the tales of the Italians, who were also on lockdown, singing and playing instruments together from their balconies.

If you have children, you could encourage them to make instruments or make up their own songs. An old-fashioned sing-song around the piano needs to make a come back. It was one of the simplest pleasures that lifts the spirit and makes you feel connected at the same time.

4. Find Your Inner Child

There are lots of fun things that you can do at home, colouring in, the Wii dance game, or the Monopoly set gathering dust in the loft – or have fun with a good old game of hide and seek! Now is the perfect time to embrace your inner child. The world is a serious place right now and, of course, there’s no hiding the tragedy that this pandemic has caused, but adopting your childhood hobbies is a great form of fun, allowing you to get creative and entertain yourself, a distraction from the disaster and unhappiness.


  5. Try a New Recipe

Why not experiment with what you have in the cupboards and try cooking a new recipe? There are gazillions of ideas you can find with places like Amazon doing same-day food deliveries, you can get your inner Nigella firing in no time. It could be banana bread or a cosmopolitan cocktail (hey, I’m not judging) but have fun in the kitchen


6. Tackle Your Ta-Da! List

I don’t believe in to-do lists, I prefer a ta-da! list so that you tick it off the list and shout ta-da! But I guarantee there are things on your list that need to get done that you just don’t get around to – clear out the dining room, swap your summer clothes for winter ones, clear under the stairs, etc.. You’re guaranteed to feel accomplished once you’ve tackled even one of these tasks.


7. Schedule in Some Self-Care (aka Feed Your Fairy)

Ah, self-care – that old chestnut. It’s a thing though. Seriously. The more you top up your cup, the better you will feel. You just can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s not all candles and bubble baths (although that IS a THING).

How you practice self-care (or Feed Your Fairy) depends on what you consider to be enjoyable. If a face mask and a hot bath’s your thing, then you do you! But, for some, self-care could simply be having an hour a day to themselves to colour in or knit. Or a cosy afternoon reading on the sofa. It could be a walk out in the country to clear your head, or baking your favourite cake. Whatever floats your boat, be sure to make the most of the additional free time and do what keeps you well-balanced.

If you need to know how to look after yourself more, take care of your soul, and much more then check out my Feed Your Fairy Membership HERE.


8) Loving Connections

Even though you can’t catch up in person with  friends and family, doesn’t mean you can’t see them. When apps such as Zoom and Skype exist, there’s really no excuse not to stay in touch with your loved ones. It’s so important to stay connected during a time when it’s easy to feel very alone. Regular contact reminds us that we are loved and connected.

It could be a family quiz night on the weekend, or a girls catch up with a bottle of fizz. However you communicate in more normal circumstances works online for now.


9. Link Boredom To Creativity (Sounds Weird, Right?)

If boring is as boring does then yup, we’re bored. Hands up. We admit it.  Our parents have won. WE ARE BORED. Our diaries are empty and nothing remarkable is going on. It’s more of the same…again.

If we can let go of the expectation of being active, entertained or distracted at all times, taking time out to let the mind wander is beneficial to our mental functioning. To be able to be mindful and do things with purpose rather than rushing like a headless chicken is so good for our cognitive function as well as our soul.

Our own brain’s search for neural stimulation can lead to stimulation of creativity. Doing nothing (not scrolling on social media or watching reruns of friends) means your mind can wander and daydream.

Click here to read my recent article in Clarityy on how to embrace the boredom.