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What are your rights?

29th June 2018
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What are your rights and do your rights matter? I often feel that many women will put themselves as the bottom of their own priority lists – and subsequently other people do the same. What then happens? If you, and no one else, are not prioritising your rights, needs and wants, then they will simply not be fulfilled. The result is that you will be trying to fill others’ cups from your already empty one; it simply doesn’t work my darling girl.

My lovely father (who is also a psychologist) shared this fab list called “Consider Your Rights” with me, and I wanted to share it with you too. Read each one, and then read them again. There is so much truth and beauty in their simple words. As always, please contact me if I can be of any help and if you’re not already in my free coaching group – then add yourself HERE sweetheart. Lots of love, Kate xx

Consider Your Rights

1          I have the right to be treated with respect as an intelligent, capable and equal human being.

2          I have the right to state my own needs and set my own priorities as a person independent of any roles that I may assume in my life.

3          I have the right to express my feelings and opinions.  I do not have to justify them, but I have the right to stand up for them if I choose.

4          I have the right to be the judge of my own behaviour and also the right to be independent of the judgement of others.

5          I have the right to say “No” or “Yes” for myself.

6          I have the right to change my mind, and I have the right to make mistakes without offering excuses or justification to others.

7          I have the right to take responsibility for the consequences of my own behaviour.

8          I have the right to say “I don’t understand,” and to ask for more information.

9          I have the right to decline the responsibility for other people’s problems.

10        I have the right to ask for what I want.

11        I have the right to deal with others without being dependent on them for approval.

But remember, other people have these rights too, and in order to live in harmony I will often have to negotiate with them.