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What I’ve Learned During Lockdown

23rd July 2020
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I don’t know about you, but I seem to be hearing polarising stories about how people have been doing in lockdown – they either love it or hate it – but it seems to be a bit of a marmite issue.

Here’s what I’ve learned During Lockdown

  1. I love not doing the school run. Seriously. The girls have had school up in their bedrooms so I can spend the first hour of the day on me – stretching & yoga, healthy breakfast, leisurely shower, etc. and not having to nag, cajole, bribe, or blackmail teenage girls into the car…bliss!
  2. I love people and I love being by myself too. I’ve learned a whole new appreciation of peace & tranquility and my own company.
  3. But, having said that I’m really missing being around friends. I miss really in-depth, long conversations with my female friends about anything and everything, putting the worlds to rights.
  4. I didn’t see my da (father) for months and it was the first time in my life I think he was actually lonely. That really hurt not being able to have him round.
  5. Zoom is fabulous for client calls and I can coach anyone anywhere in the world and that is SO EXCITING! Imagine talking to people across different continents in the same day. EPIC.
  6. Even during a pandemic you can upgrade and improve your life and create a beautiful reality for you and your children. So blessed.
  7. I concentrate best when I’m by myself. My poor old squirrel brain is so easily distracted that being by myself is actually best for me. I never thought I could concentrate for long periods of time – turns out I can, just not when there are other people around.
  8.  I can actually mediate and do yoga. I’ve been trying for decades and failing miserably. But by slowing down and being more in touch with myself every day has enabled me to become more mindful and prioritise my health, wellbeing and needs. I thought I had that cracked but it’s moved up to another level now.
  9. Reducing stress is good for everyone. Seriously. We do a lot of unnecessary rubbish in our lives that bring us neither joy nor reward. Slowing down is fab. Let’s keep doing more of that.
  10. Showing gratitude and expressing it to others really does matter. The Thursday clapping for the NHS moved me to tears each and every week and has made me far more in awe of key and core workers. Bless you all.
  11. We don’t need to buy as much crap. I’ve spent a lot of this time gifting, throwing away, selling, and recycling things I don’t need. I’ve gone all Marie Kondo on my own damn self. I’m enjoying decluttering my rooms one-by-one and am just in love with the peace it brings me.Try it.
  12. I truly am high maintenance when it comes to my hair & beauty regime and I don’t enjoy not being able to take really good care of myself. It genuinely made me sad not looking like the version of me I like best. Not because everything should be based on looks but I genuinely wasn’t feeling sexy or beautiful for quite a few weeks. Looks don’t matter. How I feel about the way I look does. Make sense?
  13. We are all in the same storm just not in the same boat. I’ve really been aware of how fortunate we are to have lots of garden and greenery. I just can’t imagine how I would of felt with no fresh air. Spending time in nature has never been so important to me and growing my own fruit and veg is now an obsession.
  14. No-one needs to hoard loo roll. What even was that?

How about you?

What were the things you’ve learned about yourself and others during lockdown. I would love to know.


Stay safe, take care of you and yours.