Design The Life You Want Vision Board Workshop Kit


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My Design The Life You Want Vision Board Workshop Kit is a complete workshop for the gorgeous woman who wants more in life and would love direction to get there.

I truly believe sweetheart that you can have the life YOU want. It doesn’t have to look pretty or sound attractive to anyone else. I am living proof that it’s never too late to redesign your beautiful life – you just have to have a clear vision of what it is and where you want to go.

This beautiful vision board kit centres around the question “who is the woman I most want to be?” and helps you answer that question, design what you would have in your life, and what you need to do to get there.

In the Design The Life You Want Vision Board Workshop you will find:

  • Full Instructional Video From Me Telling You How To Create Your Board (and Complete The Worksheets)
  • Grounded Meditation Video From Me to Put Your In a Beautiful Space Before You Begin
  • Worksheets to help you answer the questions:
    • Which habits Do I Need to Add/Remove?
    • Which Qualities Do I find Most Attractive?
    • What is My Purpose?
    • Who is the Woman I most Want To Be?
    • What Do I have in My Life If I’m Her?
    • What Do I Have to Do To Have Those Things?
  • Beautiful Human Attributes
  • Key Words
  • Uplifting Quotes
  • Universe Cheques

Please note: this is a digital product. The link to download the videos, worksheets, and artwork will be emailed to you instantly after purchase has been made.