Ta-Da! List


I personally prefer a Ta-Da! Lists to a To-Do List because you can tick it off and say ta-da!

The idea is slightly different from a to- do list though. See description below.


A ta-da! lists is different from a to-do list in several ways. I’ve found after coaching women for many years, that we set ourselves up for failure time and again. We put a gazillion things on a to-do list and can’t get them done in one day (we are not Super Woman, no matter how fabulous we are) and so we ‘fail’ the day.

So what do we do? We put all of things that we couldn’t get done today onto tomorrow’s list…and guess what? we “fail” again.

Why a ta-da! list is different is that it sets you up to succeed, not fail. You write everything that needs to get done this week on a master ta-da! list. When you’ve finished, you cross out everything that doesn’t belong to you (this is for your important things, and you can give other people their stuff back!).

Then arrange everything onto the next page – Monday to Sunday and a “sometime this week” box. The idea being that you put 4 things on each day (4 is the magic number). You tick them off – ta-da! And you win at this day.

Arrange them in logical order, e.g. all phone calls together, all shopping items together, etc. and also thing about YOUR week. If Monday is a super busy day then put the least time-consuming task there. If Friday’s you are low on energy, put the easiest tasks on that day.

I love to do my list on a Sunday night. I promise you, if you can nail this idea of winning every day and are not tempted to put more than 4 things on each day, it can revolutionise your life.

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