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1-2-1 Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching: Prices Start from £750/Month

This is my bespoke, customised and personal 1-2-1 coaching that changes women’s lives.

Drawing on all of my years of coaching women, and blending the science of psychology, the art of coaching, with the wisdom of coaching and vast personal experience,  I will take you on a journey from understanding where you are right now to figuring out (together) exactly where you want to be to lead a joyful, abundant and happy life – and then I create an exact road map to help you get there. It’s my job to figure that out, and I break it down and create bite-sized pieces for you week-by-week. I love to offer you the solutions and exact, practical methods to help you achieve.

You CAN achieve the goals that your head, heart, and/or mind are set on – and now you have me on your team to help guide you and show you how. Whether it’s professional, personal, or a blend of both, we’ll set your goals and it’s my job to break those down and lead you to them in manageable steps; always at your speed, but encouragement and motivation to hold you safe.

You may have felt before that you can’t succeed, or have given up, but that’s not what I’m there for. I won’t give up on you, or your goals.  You can read some of my testimonials HERE from previous clients.

Whether in person coaching or virtual coaching suits you better, I can offer both. I want you to feel comfortable in your environment, this way we will get the best results.

Click here to book a discovery call with me to discuss what the best option is  for you.

What you will learn

You desire so much more in life; you want:

  • To truly know yourself
  • And to love that person (quirks and all)
  • To feel energised and vibrant
  • To have fun and passion back in your life
  • To feel connected to what you really want in life
  • To have an adventure and new experiences
  • To have a positive body and self-image
  • To be excited about the next chapter of your life and know it holds amazing and beautiful things in store for you
  • To have confidence in yourself, your abilities and worth

The problem Is…

You just can’t seem to muster up any enthusiasm to be bothered to try again and remodel your life, but you know that it’s what you truly want!

Maybe you’re struggling with so many negative emotions:

  • Feel like the best years are behind you?
  • Just don’t know how to start over and begin again
  • Know nothing and no one really excites you anymore?
  • Feel disillusioned by and disconnected with life?
  • Are struggling with loving yourself and others right now?

If you’re feeling like you’re stuck, overwhelmed, and just unsure how to design an EVEN BETTER CHAPTER, it’s time to change.

I am a Life Coach for women who helps them change their lives.

Start now, Click here for a Discovery call with me to discuss what the best options are for you.

What you will get

And this is where I come in…

During 1-2-1 coaching with me, you wlll go on a great personal journey of realising who you are, what your strengths are, what is so amazing about you, what you truly want in life and much more. It’s a profound awakening and transition from where you are right now to the joyful person that you want to become and the rich and vibrant life you want to lead.

During this programme, I will lead you through several stages of change, growth, and success, each with its own pillar of strength and achievement, so you can develop and evolve at a rate that is only available to my 1-2-1 clients – an intensive pathway back to happiness, energy, confidence, and strength.

My clients work with me because I’m fun and energetic and I’m a magnet for laughter and happiness. But it’s more than that. I’ve been where you are my lovely, I’ve felt it and breathed it for longer than I care to remember. I’ve carried that pain and I’m telling you, it’s no good for you. There is no joy in holding that pain in any longer. I will help you to have more energy, light, and fun than YOU’VE EVER HAD BEFORE.

During life coaching with me you will get:

Weekly 1-2-1 Private Coaching Calls
You can book these calls in at a time to suit you (you will have access to my calendar and availability) and they are our private one-to- one time together. They will be either on the phone, in person (depending on where you live) or via Zoom (video conferencing) and each call is 60 minutes of dedicated time just for you.

1-2-1 Support WhatsApp
You will have, throughout the coaching duration, access to me on my private mobile number. Although I am quite often on coaching calls or seminars, I do answer each message personally within 12 hours.

Weekly Videos/Email
I record weekly videos to my YouTube channel each week and you will be sent an email with a link plus some bonus videos, insights, and more.

But there’s more … you will also receive these AMAZING bonuses!

Your Personalised Life Coaching E-Books
You will be going through different stages and milestones during  programme. Whilst everyone’s programme is individual and tailored to suit their needs, there is an accompanying e-book for each chapter. These are for your thoughts, feelings, insights, progress, notes and more.

An Exclusive 1-2-1 coaching journal
This is one of my favorite and most effective tools that will help guide you to become your best self and start living the BEST CHAPTER of your life. It takes just a few minutes a day and I’ve designed it to be so straightforward and easy yet immensely powerful. You’ll love it.

What can I expect

My promise to you

During 1-2-1 coaching, you’ll get exactly the right tools, help and information you need to make the lasting change.

I have been honoured to be named as one of the top ten coaches in the UK - one of the top five life coaches for women -  the results that I get can change your life and I'm really looking forward to showing you how.

What make this programme different

So what happens next?

If you’re enthusiastic and curious about the next step, the chances are that we are a really good match and I’m so EXCITED to work with you to achieve your goals and dreams, and the life that you desire and DESERVE.

Step 1: Schedule a Call with me so we can ensure the programme is the right fit for you. Click here 

Step 2: Upon joining, we’ll immediately schedule your first coaching 1-2-1 call. From there you have access to my scheduling system and can schedule our weekly calls around your availability.

Step 4: You will also receive a Client Agreement via email. Upon signing and paying for the program, you will receive your beautiful journal, and be on your way to stepping into the best chapter of your life yet!


What makes my coaching different?

My coaching is for women, just like you, who want real change in their lives. What makes it different is that I have lived and breathed how you feel…I know the pain you’re in, and I feel your frustration. I am uniquely qualified to break through your mental barriers, pain, frustration, and anger that are currently holding you back. This is authentic and exceptional work that will help you make an immeasurable different in your life and relationships.

I will also be there to catch you if you fall my lovely. No matter how many doubts creep into your head (because they will), or how many times you feel you may crumble (which you might), I’ll be there. We’ll do this together.

Get Started today!

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