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1-2-1 Coaching

This is my bespoke, customised and personal 1-2-1 coaching.

Drawing on all of my years of coaching women and psychology background, I will take you on a journey from understanding where you are right now to figuring out (together) exactly where you want to be to lead a joyful, abundant and happy life – and then I create an exact road map to help you get there.

You CAN feel amazing again – and now you have me on your team to help guide you and show you how.


I know you’re feeling lost, anxious, less-than, and frustrated right now…

You want to feel so joyful and happy that confidence shines out of you like that woman in the shampoo advert; walking down the street radiating a head-turning glow.

But right now, you’re feeling like life is happening to other women. Maybe you know, or perhaps you don’t, where you truly want to get to, but you simply don’t know to reach it.


You’re wondering if you will ever feel alive, loved, passionate, complete and HAVE FUN again.

What you will learn

You desire so much more in life; you want:

  • To truly know yourself
  • And to love that person (quirks and all)
  • To feel energized and vibrant
  • To have fun and passion back in your life
  • To feel connected what you really want in life
  • To have an adventure and new experiences
  • To have a positive body and self-image
  • To be excited about the next chapter of your life and know it holds amazing and beautiful things in store for you
  • To have confidence in yourself, your abilities and worth

And most of all…

To have joy, love, and laughter in abundance in every part of your life.

The problem Is…

You just can’t seem to muster up any enthusiasm to be bothered to try again and remodel your life, but you know that it’s what you truly want!

Maybe you’re struggling with so many negative emotions:

  • Feel like the best years are behind you?
  • Just don’t know how to start over and begin again
  • Know nothing and no one really excites you anymore?
  • Feel disillusioned by and disconnected with life?
  • Are struggling with loving yourself and others right now?

If you’re feeling like you’re stuck, overwhelmed, and just unsure how to design an EVEN BETTER CHAPTER, it’s time to change.

I’m going to help you to realise the JOY and BEAUTY of YOU. I am a Life Coach for women who changes lives.

What you will get

And this is where I come in…

During 1-2-1 coaching with me, you wlll go on a great personal journey of realising who you are, what your strengths are, what is so amazing about you, what you truly want in life and much more. It’s a profound awakening and transition from where you are right now to the joyful person that you want to become and the rich and vibrant life you want to lead.

During this programme, I will lead you through several stages of change, growth, and success, each with its own pillar of strength and achievement, so you can develop and evolve at a rate that is only available to my 1-2-1 clients – an intensive pathway back to happiness, energy, confidence, and strength.

My clients work with me because I’m fun and energetic and I’m a magnet for laughter and happiness. But it’s more than that. I’ve been where you are my lovely, I’ve felt it and breathed it for longer than I care to remember. I’ve carried that pain and I’m telling you, it’s no good for you. There is no joy in holding that pain in any longer. I will help you to have more energy, light, and fun than YOU’VE EVER HAD BEFORE.

During life coaching with me you will get:

Weekly 1-2-1 Private Coaching Calls
You can book these calls in at a time to suit you (you will have access to my calendar and availability) and they are our private one-to- one time together. They will be either on the phone, in person (depending on where you live) or via Zoom (video conferencing) and each call is 60 minutes of dedicated time just for you.

1-2-1 Support WhatsApp
You will have, throughout the coaching duration, access to me on my private mobile number. Although I am quite often on coaching calls or seminars, I do answer each message personally within 12 hours.

Weekly Videos/Email
I record weekly videos to my YouTube channel each week and you will be sent an email with a link plus some bonus videos, insights, and more.

But there’s more … you will also receive these AMAZING bonuses!

Your Personalised Life Coaching E-Books
You will be going through different stages and milestones during  programme. Whilst everyone’s programme is individual and tailored to suit their needs, there is an accompanying e-book for each chapter. These are for your thoughts, feelings, insights, progress, notes and more.

An Exclusive Feed Your Fairy Journal
This is one of my favorite and most effective tools that will help guide you to become your best self and start living the BEST CHAPTER of your life. It takes just a few minutes a day and I’ve designed it to be so straightforward and easy yet immensely powerful. You’ll love it.

What can I expect

My promise to you

During 1-2-1 coaching, you’ll get exactly the right tools, help and information you need to make the lasting and awesome change. You’ll experience a transformation that allows you to see YOU as the beautiful, strong, empowered, happy, joyful woman that I KNOW you are. You’ll finish the programme with a true sense of self-love, self-belief, and faith that will help you redesign and reinvent your life on YOUR TERMS that makes you happier and more fulfilled than you ever believed possible.

You’ll leave knowing that you’ve got this, my darling girl, this is your time to shine. As you personal life coach I can help you change your life.

Who is this programme is for & who it’s not for

Your amazing, authentic, happy, beautiful, joyful self is within reach if:

  • You’re done hiding and feeling low, in pain, and frustrated.
  • You’re ready to feel energised, enthusiastic, and happy – full of life, vitality, joy, and love.
  • You want this next chapter of your life to be exciting, fun, and the best one yet
  • You owe it to yourself to step into your own light and shine like the beautiful woman that you are
  • You would love to feel full of gratitude and blessings to impact your relationships with others
  • You just know you have a confident self that’s dying to be uncovered and given wings


Admit that you are just not ready yet if:

  • You just can’t be bothered. Quite frankly, you’re lazy to do the work. I will guide you, sweetheart, and be there every step of the way, but I just can’t do it for you.
  • You think that everything is fine just as it is, and have no desire to be happier or have love back in your life.
  • You don’t want to learn any new tools or skills and you’re not willing to keep an open mind to new experiences.
  • You are not willing to prioritize yourself. This time has to be about you. You don’t need to know “how” yet, you just need to be willing.
  • You are hoping for a quick fix. Life coaching with me takes only a few hours a week - our call and work that I will set you in between - but it is not a patch that you put over to hide what’s underneath. Some of what we will do together will make an immediate change in your life, but you must be committed to continuing to practice what you learn.


You can keep going it alone

  • Read lots and lots of books and listen to countless audible recordings to piece together the information that is specific to what you need
  • Maybe go to counseling or therapy to talk through your issues and experiences
  • Attend events with powerful speakers to inspire and motivate you
  • Or perhaps just keep hectically moving through the motions of your day
  • Your career and health might stagnate and your relationship with your children won’t be full of laughter and light
    You can put an end to the pain, frustration, hurt, and anger right now and join my programme where I will guide you to feeling alive, happy, joyful and help you to redesign your life with more passion, love, and exhilaration than you ever thought you would experience again.

I have been honoured to be named as one of the top ten coaches in the UK - one of the top five life coaches for women -  the results that I get a change your life and I'm really looking forward to showing you how.

What make this programme different

So what happens next?


If you’re enthusiastic and curious about the next step, the chances are that we are a really good match and I’m so EXCITED to work with you to achieve your goals and dreams, and the life that you desire and DESERVE.

Step 1: Schedule a Call with me so we can ensure the programme is the right fit for you.

Step 2: Upon scheduling your call, you’ll be asked to fill out an application to ensure you are a right fit for the programme. This programme is an intensive, transformational, VIP experience. I have limited availability and will only work with women who are really committed to realising their JOY and BEAUTY.

Step 3: Upon joining, we’ll immediately schedule your first coaching 1-2-1 call. From there you have access to my scheduling system and can schedule our weekly calls around your availability.

Step 4: You will also receive a Client Agreement via email. Upon signing and paying for the program, you will receive your Welcome Packet, and be on your way to stepping into the best chapter of your life yet!

What makes this programme different?

This programme is for women, just like you, who want real change in their lives. What makes it different is that I have lived and breathed how you feel…I know the pain you’re in, and I feel your frustration.

1-2-1 coaching with me is just not an ordinary programme. It’s a transformational deep-dive journey that will leave you feeling empowered, energetic and enthusiastic. You’ll be ready to take on the world and SMASH IT!

After you finish,  you will have all the tools, techniques, best practices that I learned on my journey and have helped me achieve a life I never thought possible, with the success that I hadn’t even dreamed of.

There are lots of programmes and courses out there, self-help guides and gurus galore, but none of them are as uniquely qualified as me to bust through your mental barriers, pain, frustration, and anger that are currently holding you back. This is authentic and exceptional work that will help you make an immeasurable different in your life and relationships.

I will also be there to catch you if you fall my lovely. No matter how many doubts creep into your head (because they will), or how many times you crumble (which you might), I’ll be there. We’ll do this together.

Gem -
This woman right here has transformed ME. Not my life, I did that bit hey Kate?!
Back in August I reached a point in my life where I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t get my head into anything, my self worth was ‘challenged’, I had stopped looking after ME, I didn’t know how to, and to be really honest I didn’t know who ME was anymore – I’d got a bit lost!
Enter this transformational woman. Phenomenal isn’t the word. In three months she has helped me discover so much about myself, she’s taught me and shown me how to love myself.
Only those who have experienced this will truly understand when I say that now, When I smile, it’s not just my face that smiles. My heart does too.
Forever Grateful

Gem -

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