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Feed Your Fairy Membership

This monthly membership is designed for women who want to learn to be kinder to themselves, have a more positive self talk and self worth, and take care of themselves to feel energised and joyful. It’s a bite-sized coaching programme with weekly topics, worksheets, and fun videos – all complimented with a gorgeous group of supportive and amazing women to help you on your journey.

What you will learn

What Is My Fairy?

Fairies love lightness, colour, and enchanting music. They are the little ethereal-lit beings that live inside of us. Almost like Tinkerbell in the movie ‘Hook’ who dies a little every time someone says that they “don’t believe in fairies”; our own fairies die a little with negativity, negative self-talk, mundane every day stresses, anxiety, worthless emotions, gossip, etc. 

Our fairies are the parts of us that bring us joy, and make us feel peaceful, alive, energised, and happy. When our fairies are bright and shining, life seems to get sprinkled with fairy dust, everything seems to be better – food is more delicious, the sunshine more radiant, love and relationships are more fulfilling, work more productive, the party becomes more entertaining, etc.

What you will get

What Is So Special About The Feed Your Fairy Membership?

I have created this membership especially for women just like you. I want you to feel happy, full of joy and realise the beauty of YOU!

I’ve made it my mission in life to help women feel so much better about themselves because I know how important it is to look good and feel good. I want you to feel amazing – inside and out my darling girl.

The membership is very simple and at the same time HUGELY effective. Every single week, I provide you with a new idea  and worksheet with ACTIONABLE STEPS – things that you can do right now to feel better, stronger and more joyful. Along with this, there will be a coaching video that explains it all so that you can completely understand.

You will also be a member of the FEED YOUR FAIRY FACEBOOK GROUP – a secret group that has loads of fresh, interesting and exciting content. Join with a group of like-minded women who are all on the same journey – you might just find your new best friend, or someone who is going through something very similar. Team up and together we rise sweetheart.

What can I expect

Within the first 3 months of membership, the fairies* said:

  • 100% more positive mindset
  • 92% improved sleep/sleep quality
  • 64% increased movement/exercise
  • 92% increased feeling of belonging, support and community
  • 100% improved feelings of self-love and self-respect

From only £1.29 per day**

  • An international, supportive community of women from the UK, Ireland, US, Canada and New Zealand in the Feed your Fairy Secret Facebook group value (priceless)
  • 'Wine Down Wednesday' - a weekly group coaching zoom call with 30-minutes talk on a mindset or wellbeing topic and 30-minute group discussion (worth £400 per month)
  • An ever-expanding range of 10s of hours of pre-recorded coaching videos and over 20 workbooks and downloadable PDF’s
  • Access to our personally recommended team of professional coaches on topics including:
    • Mindset and Motivation
    • Meditation
    • Yoga and Reiki
    • Aromatherapy with Essential Oils
    • Hormone Health and Menopause
    • Lingerie and Breast Health
  • Personal development book club where Kate announces a new book each month which the Feed your Fairy community can choose to read. We then discuss within the Feed your Fairy Secret Facebook Group and expand our thinking and ideas.

*From a poll across the entire Feed Your Fairy Membership group in November 2020

**Based on an annual membership

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