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Feed Your Fairy

What is Feed Your Fairy?

Feed Your Fairy is not a euphemism (I promise 😉). From years of coaching women all over the world I discovered that the one thing that all of them had in common was not putting themselves on their own priority list!

This is why I created Feed Your Fairy – all about nurturing, caring for, and loving you “fairy” aka your soul, your energy, and your wellbeing. It has changed women’s lives and continues to do so with it’s unique blend of mindset, self-care, self-love, rituals and habits. 

In the Feed Your Fairy Programme this is all wrapped up with weekly coaching, videos and worksheets, etc. but also the most beautiful community of women. You can learn more HERE.

We also have a range of Feed Your Fairy Journals and notebooks – daily journal, brain dump journal, sleep journal, inspirational notebook, etc. to help you on your journey. View them on my shop HERE.

My Feed Your Fairy Book is coming out this year. You can be the first to hear about launch dates, sneak previews, etc. by signing up HERE.


Who is the Feed Your Fairy TM Programme for?

This is for any woman who wants

  • To Be Kinder To Themselves, Have a More Positive Self Talk & Self Worth

    Have you had enough of negative self talk and beating yourself up. Would you LOVE to learn to talk to yourself with compassion and care? Would you LOVE to believe in yourself and really know your own self worth? Then this membership is for you.

  • To Learn to Take Care of Themselves… sleep, nutrition, hydration & movement

    You will have constant help and guidance from Kate and the other guest coaches. We have experts in the group on sleep, fitness, nutrition, and more as well as Kate’s help with mindset, motivation, inspiration etc. We also have check-ins to help you stay accountable.

  • To Have the Support of an Experienced Coach & A Beautiful Community

    You will never feel alone in your journey ever again. There is the MOST BEAUTIFUL community of women you will ever find. Not only will you have Kate’s coaching but a whole group of gorgeous girls that are on a similar journey cheering you on and helping you to feel empowered. It’s like the challenge on steroids!

What you will get

The Feed Your FairyTM Programme
Every Month We Will Focus on a New Topic:
Goal Setting & Accountability
In this month I will show you how to assess where you are now, set your Feed Your Fairy Goals, how to stick with them & be accountable, review and refresh them so they can be tweaked to serve you the best. If you've never been able to 'stick' with anything to make real changes - this is the perfect module for you!
Eating the Rainbow
This is all about the most beautiful and nutritious foods. You will learn not just what foods but also when to eat, how to prepare them to make them the most nutritious foods possible, and what to let go of (old 'diet' habits and negative associations with food). This module will help you eat better forever!

This month will help you go to sleep more easily, stay asleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed and energised. I will teach you the science and psychology behind sleep and you will never hit the 'snooze' button ever again. This module will give you so much energy...

This is not just exercise but movement too. From learning how to stretch, to a plan to increase walking, to how to tone and firm this is a real look at what it takes to feel not just stronger but energized. We will also look at how to fit exercise and movement into your day, the psychological benefits of exercise, and much more. Great for everyone at any age!

How on earth can we talk about hydration for a whole month? Simple. Hydration is not just water, and it's not just to stop us feeling thirsty either. Learn the why behind water and foods containing water but also how to drink more without peeing all day and how to water load. Also what dehydration does not just to your body but also to your brain and what we confuse other symptoms for. It's a fascinating topic that means you'll never skip H20 ever again!

You'll get a downloadable gratitude journal for this month's topic and learn not just why gratitude is one of my most favourite things on the planet! But also what beautiful things it does to your mindset and soul. And how to practice gratitude daily and how to fit it into your busy day for quick fix motivation boost! You will LOVE this one...

From Brain Dumping to Sleep Journaling, Food Journaling to learning how to use your journal like your best friend. This is a must-have module for any busy woman juggling a million balls in the air and feeling like her brain is exploding. It will help you to feel more clear-headed, at peace, and more 'on top' of your life. I promise you.

Intentions & Affirmations
This  module is one of the best tools EVER to counteract negative thinking and Sh*t FM. You will learn how to start your day in the most beautiful way possible. At the end of this month, you will start each and every day with a clear plan, a positive mindset and a 'can-do' attitude. You will learn to be your own knight in shining armour here.

Who doesn't need more energy, right? But how do we get it? This encompasses a lot of different components that are drawn together to show you where your energy is being drained and how to stop leaks. Then we will look at how we add more energy back in consistently to mean that you're like a little bunny hopping around your days with enthusiasm and vigour.

Where are you on the woo-woo scale? Are you a full on tree-hugger or think it's a load of mumbo-jumbo? I have one foot firmly in psychology and the other in the woo-woo world and in this month I will share with you how you can tune in to other things that will help you. We'll create a personal plan for you with some tools and ideas that will support and empower you.

Self Care
From skin care to hair ideas, from the best products on the market, to make-up tutorials, this is about looking as good as you will feel on the inside. I'll show you step-by-step my skincare routines, do exclusive make-up tutorials for you, and really explain how and why to look after yourself (the reasons will really surprise you!).
Never been able to meditate because of a squirrel brain? Tried it but 'failed'? Not sure even where to start? Know the how but need to get better? It doesn't matter your starting point, I'm going to help you to really get into this truly grounding practice. It will bring you so much peace, but also will be so very relaxing for your brain and your soul too. This is outstandingly beautiful.

What can I expect

When you join the  Feed Your FairyTM Programme...
You'll get access to everything you need to put YOU on top of your priority list and learn Self LOVE and Self CARE!

  • Every week a new video and coaching workbook is released to you
  • Live Coaching on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month to talk about the new topic and answer any questions from last month
  • DAILY accountability checking on this month's topic in the group
  • Wine Down Wednesday Live Coaching Zooms every Wednesday evening.

When you sign up to the Feed Your FairyTM Programme you will get a Feed Your Fairy Journal in the colour of your choice and we'll hand pick a gorgeous fairy for you too based on the most important message we think you need to hear right now.

••You can order your own subsequent journals and we will send you another fairy to go along with it.

What make this programme different

This isn’t like any programme you’ve seen or experienced before…
I’m sure you're sitting there thinking you’ve heard it all before and you’re wondering how this programme could be any different than everything else out there
My Feed Your Fairy TM Programme is like nothing else out there. Not only have I designed this specifically for women just like you based on my years of coaching and my own personal experience, but most other programme out there will leave you…
  • Confused & Overwhelmed:
    They give you so much information, it’s like drinking from a fire hose! And because it’s so complex you end up stuck, stressed and anxious, finding yourself in the same situation 6 months from now.
  • Feeling Alone:
          You sign up for something and you never hear from them again.
  • Misunderstood:
         Unless you are a woman who has been in this situation, who has felt lost, who knows she wants more but doesn't know how to get there, you can't truly understand how it feels. I KNOW how you feel right now.          That was me. I get it. And   I will always help and hold you safe.
**The Feed Your Fairy trademark is a registered trademark owned by Kate Grosvenor Coaching Limited.  Any unauthorised use is expressly prohibited.
Ellie - Birmingham, UK

I feel as though words cannot convey the emotion I feel towards Kate and her programmes. Kate has helped me to get on the right path and find the real me in the matter of five days. Things aren’t perfect right now but I’m feeling in such a good place and ready to feed my inner fairy. Kate does nothing but real talk whilst still filling you with positivity. It’s a completely different approach to anything I’ve experienced before but it’s just what I needed. I started with Kate’s free five day feed your fairy challenge and gained so much insight into my life and how I need to love myself (something that I haven’t done for a long time… if ever!) I am feeling so grateful right now and would recommend Kate to anyone who has lost their way, is missing that sparkle in their eyes. As Kate says… there’s a special in heaven for women who support women and she is 100% right. Thank you for everything Kate! And for anyone considering joining Kate in a challenge, programme or one to one basis… it will be the best decision you ever make!

Ellie - Birmingham, UK

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