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FREE Coaching

These are my FREE coaching resources that are available for you to dip into right now.

Life Coaching for Women Group on Facebook

Daily tips, videos, advice, and more to help you feel more joyful, energised, happy, and empowered and help you to improve your confidence, self-faith, and self-belief/worth.

This is a great place to start your personal development journey to falling in love with you again (or for the first time).

This is a BEAUTIFUL group of gorgeous and supportive women. It will help you:

  • to feel supported and encouraged
  • to connect with other women on a similar journey
  • to learn to accept you for you (yes, quirks and all)
  • to have fun and back in your life
  • to accept, forgive, and make peace with the body you NOW have
  • to have more confidence in yourself, your abilities and worth

And most of all…

To have joy, love, and laughter in abundance in every part of your life.

Let’s get you feeling more positive about life again.

This group is created and hosted by Kate Grosvenor. I help women realise the joy and beauty within. Want to find out how?

Click here to request to join the group

Perimenopause Support Group on Facebook

A beautiful community of over 2000 women. This is a safe place to seek advice, vent, support and love on other women going through the same things as you. I truly believe empowered women, empower women, so it was important for me to create a safe place for women navigating this chapter of their lives to have a safe place to ask what they needed. This group will

  • allow you to ask questions you may feel to embarrassed to publicly
  • to connect with other like minded women
  • realise you are not alone
  • be the first to know about my Perimenopause coaching
  • coaching videos with me on symptoms and so much more

Click here to join the group.

Monday Motivation Emails

These emails pop into your inbox every week and are always something about motivation, my musings about real life as a woman, information about fab things coming up and more.

It’s so simple to sign up, just click HERE. It takes less than a minute and it’s the best way to start your week on a positive and happy note.

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Free Coaching Videos on YouTube

Would you like some coaching on the go? Do you want to catch videos  in your own time or like to binge-watch a series? Then my YouTube channel is the best place to start. From my video series called “Now She Tells Me” (things I wished I was able to tell my younger self) to motivational coaching videos they are varied, fun and always original.

Click here for my You Tube Channel

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