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Walk & Talk

Walking and Talking – Walking promotes emotional openness through a combination of factors. Exercise releases endorphins, boosting mood, while the rhythmic movement induces relaxation, reducing inhibitions. Being in nature enhances tranquillity and connectedness, encouraging emotional sharing. Plus, the absence of direct eye contact alleviates vulnerability, making it easier to open up. Overall, walking provides an ideal setting for fostering emotional expression.

As one of the foremost life coaches in the UK, renowned for empowering women to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and grace through 1-2-1 coaching,  my Walk & Talk coaching method is a newer addition to the portfolio but yields amazing results. Combining the therapeutic benefits of movement with the cathartic release of conversation, this unique approach offers a safe space for women to offload their burdens and discover clarity amidst life’s complexities. With sessions lasting 90 minutes, each moment is dedicated to unravelling any issue presented, ensuring comprehensive support and tailored guidance.

Walking while talking not only fosters a deeper connection with oneself but also unlocks new perspectives, making the journey towards personal growth both invigorating and transformative. It’s not just a service; it’s a lifeline for those seeking solace and direction.

What you will learn

  • The direction that you need to move in
  • The answer to a question you've been mulling over
  • A curious yet empathetic ear with zero judgement
  • Feedback from someone with vast experience
  • A different perspective with no agenda
  • The ways you can move forward right now
  • To be excited about the next chapter of your life and know it holds amazing and beautiful things in store for you
  • To have confidence in yourself, your abilities and worth

If you’re feeling like you’re stuck, overwhelmed, and just unsure how to design an EVEN BETTER CHAPTER, it’s time to change.

 I am a Life Coach for women who helps them change their lives.

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What you will get

My promise to you

In the transformative 90-minute Walk & Talk coaching session, you can expect unparalleled support and profound insights into your challenges.

With my expertise as a leading life coach, I am committed to unravelling any issue thrown my way, no matter how daunting it may seem.

During our time together, I will provide a safe and compassionate space for you to unload your burdens and explore solutions.

Through the therapeutic combination of movement and conversation, we will delve deep into the heart of the matter, untangling complexities and illuminating pathways forward.

By the session's end, you will not only feel lighter but also equipped with newfound clarity and empowered perspectives, ready to navigate life's twists and turns with confidence and resilience.

What make this programme different

What sets the Walk & Talk approach apart from my traditional 1-2-1 coaching,  is its dynamic fusion of movement and dialogue.

By engaging both body and mind, this method taps into deeper levels of introspection and release, facilitating breakthroughs that might otherwise remain elusive. In just 90 minutes, this immersive experience offers a condensed yet potent opportunity to confront and conquer challenges head-on, leaving you feeling refreshed, empowered, and equipped with newfound clarity to tackle life's hurdles with confidence and grace. Sometimes, all it takes is a brisk walk and an open conversation to pave the way for transformative change.

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