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Corporate Well Being

Blending the art of coaching with the science of psychology and education, we offer a distinctive and impactful approach to both corporate wellness and individual coaching. Kate’s background in psychology, coupled with experience as a former head teacher and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, equips her uniquely to address the complex challenges faced in today’s fast-paced corporate and personal environments.

As an accredited coach and a member of the Association of Coaching, Kate brings a wealth of knowledge and decades of leadership experience. We have coached thousands globally, and we specialise in personal development areas such as stress management, productivity enhancement, resilience training, establishing boundaries in the workplace, and fostering self-worth. Our approach seamlessly integrates these skills into both individual performance and team dynamics.

In addition to our individual coaching expertise, we have a profound impact on leadership teams. By collaborating closely with them, we help crystallise their vision and strategic objectives. This process not only fosters a more cohesive and forward-thinking leadership but also enhances their capability to inspire and guide their teams effectively. our approach empowers leaders to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their teams. This leads to improved decision-making, enhanced communication, and a robust, positive work culture, which aids productivity as well as employee retention rates. By investing in their leadership skills, we assist leaders in not only achieving their professional goals but also in becoming catalysts for sustainable growth and change within their organisations.

Kate holds a BSc, Dip Ed, among other qualifications, and her expertise is backed by a strong academic foundation. Her coaching delivery style is lively and engaging, grounded in solid facts, psychological principles, and real evidence. This approach has led to numerous success stories, as evidenced by the hundreds of testimonials – many of which are available on our website.

As a team we are passionate about empowering individuals and teams to realise their full potential, whether through our targeted corporate wellness programs or through personalised one-to-one coaching. If you’re seeking a transformative journey for yourself or your team, email us to enquire about our corporate wellness programme or individual coaching services.

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