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Transformation Programme

This is my beautiful signature programme

A 12-Week group programme, that focuses week-by-week on the most important topics to discover the joy and beauty of YOU.

This is the perfect programme if right now, you’re feeling like you’re just not getting what you want out of life.   Maybe you know, or perhaps you don’t, where you truly want to get to, but you simply don’t know to reach it.

I know you’ve gone through so much. And you know what? You have 100% success rate of getting through it all. But now it’s time to thrive and shine and add that happiness, fun and joy back. Yo have a feeling of self confidence and self worth and know that you’re so worth a beautiful life.

You’re want to feel, loved, passionate, complete and HAVE FUN again.

What you will learn

This programme will teach you to:

Truly know yourself

  • And to love that person (quirks and all)
  • To protect your energy
  • To bless and release toxic relationships
  • To understand what you can and cannot control and focus your energy
  • To have fun and passion back in your life
  • To feel connected what you really want in life
  • To talk more positively and beautifully to yourself
  • To have a positive body and self-image
  • To have confidence in yourself, your abilities and worth

And most of all… To have joy, love, and laughter in abundance in every part of your life. If you’re feeling like you’re stuck, overwhelmed, and just unsure how to design an EVEN BETTER CHAPTER, it’s time to change. I’m going to help you to realise the JOY and BEAUTY of YOU

What you will get

During the 12 weeks with me you will get:

Initial Coaching Call 1-2-1 with me

This is a 45-minute call where we will really get to the heart of where you are right now, discuss your goals, and come up with a personalised plan going forward. We will create a clear road map of your journey and the most important points for you to focus on.

12 Weekly Modules

These modules cover my 12 milestones and lessons to help you realise the JOY and BEAUTY of YOU. Each one includes a video to watch and a worksheet PDF to download and other material too. You can study these at your own pace and ask any questions in the VIP group or on our Weekly Q&A Sessions.

Group Accountability & Support/Community

Inside my secret VIP group, there will be other women (only) who are also going through a similar transition in their lives. It’s a place to support and love on each other but there will also be daily advice and loads of videos, testimonials, recommendations and more. These women will be your additional support – there is so much kindness and consideration in my community, and it’s a true blessing.

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

These are first and foremost full of FUN & LAUGHTER but also, we go through this week’s work, the theory or activities connected to enhance your journey even further. They are LIVE Zoom videos scheduled once a week, where you can talk to me face-to-face, and the recordings will be put in the group (in case you miss it). They are approx. 1 hour long, and you can ask any questions and have them answered live and listen to others’ questions. They are really interactive, and we have a blast too. They will make you feel energised and uplifted.

Weekly Videos/Email

I record weekly videos to my Vimeo channel each week and you will be sent an email with a link plus some bonus videos, insights, and more.  

What can I expect

What can I expect from The Signature Programme?

This is a 12-week programme which I will take your hand and guide you through from beginning to end. It’s a profound awakening and journey from where you are right now to the confident, self-assured, fun and energised person that you want to become and the vibrant life you want to lead. During this programme, I will lead you through several stages of change and success, each with its own pillar of strength and achievement, so you can develop and grow at a rate that is only available to my private clients – a 90-day intensive pathway back to happiness, sassiness, self-faith, and strength. My clients work with me because I’m fun and energetic and I’m a magnet for laughter and happiness. But it’s more than that. I’ve been where you are my lovely, I’ve felt it and breathed it for longer than I care to remember. I’ve carried that pain and I’m telling you, it’s no good for you. There is no joy in holding that pain in any longer. I will help you to have more energy, light, and fun than YOU’VE EVER HAD BEFORE. Your most important takeaways will be:

Week 1: Reflect & Visualise

Be clear and honest understanding of where you are in your life right now. Set goals for yourself during this programme and beyond. This gives us a ROADMAP of your own personal journey during the programme and beyond.

Week 2: Bless & Release

Together we will work on letting go of past hurts, and relationships. We’ll travel forwards without the emotional baggage that has been limiting you. You will find LIGHTNESS and LIBERATION from this milestone.

Week 3: Energy

Finding out what truly makes you happy and finding your inner energy and strength. We will look at building on your relationships and activities that serve and empower you (and identifying people and things that detract from your energy). This milestone is all about JOY.

Week 4: Limiting Beliefs and Storytelling

This week we are looking at the stories that we tell ourselves, and our self-limiting beliefs, that are holding us back from stepping into our light. We learn how to identify them, examine them for truth, and repair our self faith and love. This is about the REAL YOU.

Week 5: Resilience

We all have knock backs in life and periods where we feel low in energy, mood or we lack motivation to try and solve the issues in front of us. And this is where resilience comes in. Resilience includes how we cope with stress, manage adversity and rise to the occasion. We all have this capacity but maybe not as much as we would like. I’m going to share with you practical skills and guide you through them step-by-step.

Week 6: Be Flawsome

This week is all about knowing that you’re FLAWED but AWESOME. There are no perfect humans and quite honestly it would be boring if there were. I am going to show you how to release the idea of trying to be perfect and embrace your “flaws” as they make you uniquely you. I will show you how to love your quirks (and weirdnesses) and how to make peace with who you truly are. This milestone will bring ACCEPTANCE and CALMNESS.

Week 7: Worrier to Warrior

If you are lying in bed at night unable to sleep because of anxiety, or get a sick feeling in your stomach regularly… then you are a worrier. I want to show you how to be a warrior! How to combat that automatic response to feel anxious and stressed about life’s bumps. I want you to wake up ready to ROAR like the fierce woman you are inside and take on the world.

Week 8: Imposter Syndrome

This strikes the vast majority of women at some point in their lives – most often in their careers but often as a parent, or partner too. This whole module focuses on this and helps to reduce stress and anxiety surrounding this topic. This milestone will bring you so much PEACE.

Week 9: Self-Belief, Self-Respect and Self-Love

Having a mind-set shift in self-respect, self-love, self-belief and learn beautiful self-talk that will enchant and lift you up every single day. This is all about POSITIVITY and EMPOWERMENT.

Week 10: Self Confidence

This is something nearly every woman I coach says that they would like more of. Self confidence begins with truly knowing yourself- what you value and what you want. You will learn practical tools to foster acceptance, mindfulness, and self-compassion and build self confidence. You will also learn to radiate your new confident self on your gorgeous outside with advice on tips on skincare, make-up, hair and styling. I will also go through with you how to take a selfie that you'll love.

Week 11: Design The Life You Want

Guess what? You don’t have to “settle” for a life that you feel like you’ve been left with. You shouldn’t be the passive recipient of what has happened in your past. You can create and DESIGN a life that is beautiful, and one that you truly want. It’s not too late, or done, or finished. You have years and years ahead of you and with my help you can make it whatever you want it to be. This week is POWERFUL and will open your eyes to the possibilities.

Week 12: Reflect and Rejoice

Together we will review your amazing progress through this beautiful journey and celebrate all the milestones you’ve achieved. We will also create a gentle plan for you moving forwards. This is all about CELEBRATING.

What make this programme different

So what happens next?


It’s so easy to sign up. It just takes a few minutes by clicking on the GET STARTED buttons underneath your payment option of choice. You will then receive an email with all the details you need. It’s that simple. We run the Transformation Programme 3 times a year starting in January, April and September, CLICK HERE to be added to the mailing list for the next programme.

What makes this programme different?

This programme is for women, just like you, who want real change in their lives. What makes it different is that I have lived and breathed how you feel…I know the pain you’re in, and I feel your frustration. This is not an ordinary programme. It’s a transformational journey that will leave you feeling joyful, confident and energised. You’ll be ready to take on the world and SMASH IT! After you finish,  you will have all the tools, techniques, best practices that I learned on my journey and have helped me achieve a life I never thought possible, with the success that I hadn’t even dreamed of. There are lots of programmes and courses out there, self-help guides and gurus galore, but none of them are as uniquely qualified as me to bust through your mental barriers, pain, frustration, and anger that are currently holding you back. This is authentic and exceptional work that will help you make an immeasurable different in your life and relationships. I will also be there to catch you if you fall my lovely. No matter how many doubts creep into your head (because they will), or how many times you crumble (which you might), I’ll be there. We’ll do this together.
Sarah - UK

Well I had a complete week of aha or lightbulb moments. It’s safe to say I WILL be taking part again! Very well presented and the whole week was amazing. Kate you need a medal. Xxx

Sarah - UK

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