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My Top 44 Ideas to Live by for a Joyful and Beautiful life

25th January 2021
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I caught myself yesterday, just sitting doing nothing in particular, feeling so joyful that I thought my heart would burst. Not for any specific reason, or because of any specific person, but just because I felt it. That joy, that realisation of beauty in my life (which is the new success by the way).


So, I changed my mind about the blog I was going to write today, to think instead about why life feels good. These are the insights into the things I do, and the ideas I live by for (my version of) a joyful life.


Here is what I came up with, the things that add up for me:

  1. Accept your flaws and know that you’re still awesome (be flawsome).
  2. Laugh often. If you’re sad seek out the funny.
  3. Music can change your mood. Uplift yourself when you’re flat.
  4. Journal for gratitude as much as possible. Gratitude is a sunshine emotion.
  5. Do yoga. Bad backs and stiff joints just aren’t worth it.
  6. Make peace with your body. It’s been through a lot.
  7. Meditate for mindfulness – it adds to your energy.
  8. Do what you love.
  9. You life does not need to look, or sound, pretty to anyone else. Live for you.
  10. Don’t save things for best. You are the best. Use them every day.
  11. Love a lot. Choose it.
  12. Don’t judge others or yourself. Let everyone be them.
  13. Live simply.
  14. Say affirmations in the morning so you start your day with beautiful intentions.
  15. Learn to love yourself.
  16. Drop resentment. It doesn’t serve you.
  17. Listen to your intuition/gut – she tells you what’s true and right.
  18. Expand your comfort zone. That’s how you grow.
  19. Believe in yourself.
  20. Do you something just for you. Every. Single. Day.
  21. Be nice.
  22. Have a self-care routine that you do daily/weekly.
  23. Learn to bless & release past hurts.
  24. Turn down the SHIT FM and stop overthinking.
  25. If you don’t know all the facts, you’re storytelling. Just stop because it hurts.
  26. Learn to love your own company. Embrace solitude.
  27. Exercise and move. It’s a celebration of your body not a punishment.
  28. Don’t compare yourself to others – comparititus is the thief of all happiness.
  29. Live in the moment. It’s the only chance at happiness you have.
  30. Drink water. More than you think you need. It changes everything.
  31. Self-reflect. We’re all a work in progress.
  32. Travel and expand your mind.
  33. Don’t eat beige food. Nourish your body. It needs help.
  34. Look for the positives – everything in life is a lesson or a blessing.
  35. Live with passion.
  36. Support and encourage other women. Together we rise.
  37. Stop trying to control everything (and everyone). It’s exhausting and doesn’t work.
  38. Be understanding.
  39. Do what you love.
  40. Learn from past mistakes. Every day is a school day.
  41. Cherish your loved ones – they are so very precious.
  42. Be an authentic and genuine person who does what they say they will do.
  43. Have fun and don’t forget adult play is a thing.
  44. Get outside into nature. It’s good for the soul.


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Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash